ICRO Exterior Coatings

Revolutionary Anti-Yellowing, UV and Scratch-Resistant Exterior Coatings

When it comes to safeguarding our homes or buildings, the exterior surfaces bear the brunt of the challenge. They’re continuously exposed to varying weather conditions, harmful UV rays, and the inevitable wear and tear over time. Fortunately, industry-leader ICRO Coatings have now brought forth an innovative solution: their line of exterior coatings.

With remarkable features such as anti-yellowing, scratch resistance, UV resistance, anti-tannin, and weather proofing, these coatings redefine exterior surface protection and preservation. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of ICRO exterior coating products.

Bidding Farewell to Yellowing and Tannin Stains

Nothing undermines the appeal of a beautifully coated exterior than the unwelcome presence of yellowing and tannin stains. These are common problems that property owners face, significantly impacting both the aesthetic value and the durability of the coating.

ICRO Coatings’ revolutionary exterior coatings are now here to turn the tables. They are equipped with a cutting-edge anti-yellowing technology, which helps maintain the original, vibrant color of your surfaces. No longer will you have to worry about the unsightly yellow tint that plagues exteriors, as this pioneering solution ensures your surfaces stay fresh and appealing over time.

Moreover, the coatings also come with an impressive anti-tannin feature. Tannin bleed-through is a prevalent issue, particularly with wood surfaces, causing unsightly stains. With ICRO’s exterior coatings product line, these tannin stains are minimized, offering a flawless, clean finish for an extended period of time.

Superior Scratch Resistance

Exterior surfaces, due to their constant exposure to various elements, are highly prone to scratches. These damages not only mar the appearance of your property but can also accelerate deterioration.

The latest exterior coatings by ICRO, however, offer an exceptional solution. Their remarkable scratch resistance provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your surfaces remain smooth and unblemished. Thanks to the unique formulation of these coatings, you can look forward to a durable and appealing finish that truly stands the test of time.

Unparalleled UV Resistance

The harmful effects of excessive UV exposure on exterior surfaces are well-documented. Prolonged exposure can lead to significant damage, causing your surfaces to look worn and faded before their time.

ICRO Coatings’ exterior coatings have been carefully designed to address this problem. With their outstanding UV resistance characteristic, they provide comprehensive protection against the harsh effects of the sun. These coatings work diligently to preserve the color and integrity of your surfaces, ensuring their longevity despite constant UV exposure.

Exceptional Weather Proofing

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and their impact on exterior surfaces can be equally erratic. Heat, cold, rain, snow, or wind – each can leave their unique imprint on your exterior, leading to a faster deterioration process.

The innovative exterior coatings from ICRO promise to make weather-related worries a thing of the past. Boasting exceptional weather-proofing properties, they effectively resist and reduce the negative effects of varying weather conditions. No matter what the weather throws at them, your surfaces will continue to look fresh and new.


The line of exterior coatings by ICRO is truly a game-changer. By bringing together a combination of anti-yellowing, anti-tannin, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and weather-proofing properties, they provide a holistic protective solution for exterior surfaces. Investing in these coatings means investing in the long-term aesthetic appeal and durability of your property. Remember, with ICRO Coatings, you’re not just covering a surface; you’re preserving your investment, and ensuring it can stand up to the trials of time and environment.

Upgrade your exterior surfaces with the robust protection of ICRO Innovative technology. Make the smart choice – choose durability, choose appeal, choose ICRO.

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