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Maximize Your Shopping Experience: Introducing ROYALPOINTS™




Get ready to enhance your shopping experience with our exclusive loyalty program, ROYALPOINTS™. Designed to reward our loyal customers, this program is your gateway to earning points with every purchase, which you can redeem on future purchases. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of the ROYALPOINTS™ Program, showing you how every dollar spent not only brings you quality products but also paves the way for exciting savings.

Earn as You Shop: The Simplicity of Earning RoyalPoints™

Joining the ROYALPOINTS™ program is like stepping into a world of endless rewards. With every dollar spent at Royal Coatings LLC, you earn one Royal Point—it’s that simple! What’s more, we value every cent you spend; hence, we round up your transactions to the nearest dollar. This means even a purchase of $1.50 gets you 2 RoyalPoints™! The key takeaway? The more you shop, the more points you rack up, turning your routine purchases into a treasure trove of future discounts.

View Earnings As They Accrue

Understanding your earnings is effortless with our transparent ROYALPOINTS™ program. Customers can easily view their total accrued points directly in their account profile. Additionally, each order summary will clearly show the total RoyalPoints™ earned from that purchase. This dual-view feature makes it simple for you to track both your cumulative points and your earnings per transaction, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of your rewards.

Easy and Rewarding Redemption

Accumulating RoyalPoints™ is only half the fun; redeeming them is where the real excitement lies. For every 200 points, you earn $1 in redemption value. Imagine routinely shopping and watching these points translate into tangible savings. When you’re ready to redeem, the process is seamless and integrated right into your checkout experience, ensuring maximum convenience.

Bonus Points: Adding Joy to Your Shopping

Our RoyalPoints™ program isn’t just about earning points on purchases. We periodically roll out special promotions and offers, allowing you to earn bonus points. These additional points accelerate your points accumulation, bringing you closer to exciting rewards faster than ever. Stay tuned for our exclusive promotions and special offers to maximize your benefits.

Important Restrictions to Keep in Mind

While we strive to make our RoyalPoints™ program as beneficial as possible, there are a few necessary restrictions:

  • Points are individual and non-transferable.
  • Taxes, shipping fees, and certain items or services are excluded from earning points.
  • Returns and cancellations affect your points balance, either deducting or reinstating them accordingly.
  • Remember, RoyalPoints™ hold no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.


The ROYALPOINTS™ program by Royal Coatings LLC is more than just a loyalty program; it’s a token of our appreciation for your continued patronage. It’s a straightforward, rewarding system that makes every purchase count. So, why wait? Start shopping and earning today, and turn your loyalty into savings!

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